The computational light laboratory offers lectures on various topics, including computational optics, computational displays, perceptual graphics and computational fabrication. For the entire list of lectures offered at the time being, please follow the menu at the right-hand side of this text. The lectures that we have offered so far are as follows:

Term Instructor(s) Course Content
- Kaan Akşit - Computational Light
Winter 2023 Kaan Akşit COMP0088 Introduction to Machine Learning
Summer 2022 Kaan Akşit SIGGRAPH 2022 Optimizing Vision and Visuals: Lectures on Cameras, Displays and Perception
Spring 2022 Kaan Akşit COMP0160 Lecture 2: Visual perception in perceptual graphics and computational displays
Spring 2022 Kaan Akşit COMP0160 Lecture 7: Integrating Sensory Information in Computational Displays