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This page provides links to a list of documents. These documents vary in their topics, from workplace guidances to technical digests.

For candidates

Documents Description
How to become a doctoral student in our laboratory This documentation describes the steps involved in becoming a doctoral student at our laboratory.

For newcomers

Documents Description
Establishing yourself as a member This documentation is designed to help newcomers to establish themselves as a member of the Computational light laboratory.
Explore the completed projects This link will get you to the list of completed projects. It can be a good resource to inspire your next and help you get aligned with the rest of the team.
Logo of our team This documentation will describe to you the meaning of our team's logo, and it is also a place to download the source file of our logo.


Documents Description
Learn more about computer-generated holography This documentation will link you to Odak's documentation on computer-generated holography. It is an excellent place to get ideas on how to get started on computer-generated holography.
Explore our printable designs Often times, we design and print our equipment for our laboratory experiments. This link will navigate you to a catalog of items that we designed for our experiments.
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