We started a public Slack group dedicated to scientists researching computer graphics, human visual perception, computational photography and computational displays. We aim to build a single hub for everyone and provide all members with a gateway to:

  • meet others in the field,
  • find collaborators worldwide,
  • introduce open-source tools for research,
  • announce and plan events in major conferences (e.g., SIGGRAPH, CVPR, IEEE VR, SPIE PW),
  • advertise opportunities for others (e.g., internships, jobs, initiatives, grants),
  • promote their most recent research,
  • find subjects for their experiments,

But most of all, the primary goal is to stay connected to sustain a healthy research field. To join our Slack channel and contribute to future conversations, please use the provided below link:

Please do not hesitate to share the invitation link with other people in your field. If you encounter any issue with the link, please do not hesitate to reach us using